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Tips on Storage  

Self Storage Units

  1. Make an inventory of stored items and keep in a safe place. Label boxes when storing .
  2. Plan ahead. Place items that you need frequent access to in the front of the unit. Allow for walkways.
  3. Place pads or pallets on floor of unit to keep items dry and to guard against dampness.
  4. Rent the smallest amount of space required and use a high quality lock on your door.
  5. When storing upholstered furniture, never place sharp or heavy objects on top.
  6. When storing mattresses prop them so that they stand straight to save space.
  7. Store small items, pictures, and silverware in furniture drawers to save space.
  8. Cover stuffed furniture with sheets or covers to protect them from dust.
  9. All fragile items should be bubble wrapped and packed in sturdy boxes.
  10. When storing washing machines, remove all hoses and place inside tub. Tape all electrical cords to the back of the machine. Store other items inside tub.
  11. Mirrors and large pictures should be protected with cardboard. Please mark FRAGILE and stack on end.
  12. CAUTION…Never store COMBUSTIBLE items (i.e.: gasoline, solvents, paint thinner etc.)
  13. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes. Maintain a safe height.
  14. For easy stacking, use boxes that are the same size and can hold approx 25lbs.
  15. For freezers or refrigerators, leave door ajar and stack items inside to save space.
  16. Furniture with removable legs can be “broken down” to save space.
  17. Store sofas and love seats on end to save floor space. Cushions can be placed on top.
  18. Soft items such as blankets, duvets, sleeping bags etc can be wrapped and stored at the top of the unit.
  19. Always ensure unit is locked and secure after storing items.
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